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Marine Exhaust Manifolds & Risers | Mercrusier, Volvo Penta, Barr

Feb 15th, 2012 by admin

  Internally/Externally Coated Aluminum & Cast Iron Marine Exhaust Systems

If you’re tired of the high costs associated with replacing your MerCruiser Marine Exhaust Manifolds & Risers every few years, we have the solution. Because of our exclusive relationship with several manufacturers, we are able to provide you with an affordable solution for your boat exhaust needs. PPT's High Performance Marine Exhaust Systems offer the industry’s only internally and externally EDP Coated 3 year warranted Aluminum or Cast Iron direct replacement Mercruiser Exhaust Manifolds & Risers at the industries absolute lowest prices! We also proudly offer the full product line of Barr Marine Exhaust....Read More.

Electro-Deposition Coated Cast Iron Exhaust Products

104035C Mercruiser Big Block Manifold 7.4/8.2L (1984 - 2001) 104034C Mercruiser Small V8 Manifold 5.0/5.7L (1983 - 2003) 102979C Mercruiser V6 Manifold 4.3L 175-220 Hp (1985 - 2003) 104037 MerCruiser Inline 6 250 CID Model 165 (1970 - 1981)
Link to EDP Coated Cast Iron Manifold/Riser Kits
104038 (Port) 104039 (Stbd) Mercruiser Small V8 5.0/5.7L (1967 - 1982) 102994C Mercruiser 4" Riser V6 / Small & Big V8 (1983 - 2003) 104036 Mercruiser "Log" Riser 5.0/5.7L V8 (1967 - 1982) 104043 Volvo V-8 Manifold 5.0/5.7L V8 (1979 - 1993)
Link to EDP Coated Cast Iron Manifold/Riser Kits
104042 Volvo V-8 Riser 5.0/5.7L V8 (1979 - 1993) 104041 Barr / Marine Power Exhaust Manifold 5.0/5.7L V-8 104040 Barr / Marine Power Center 3" Riser 5.0/5.7L V-8 104055 Volvo 4.3L V6 Exhaust Manifold (1993 and before)
Link to EDP Coated Cast Iron Manifold/Riser Kits
Volvo Small V8 Exhaust Manifold
104056 Volvo 4.3L V6 Exhaust Riser (1993 and before) 104052 Volvo Small V8 Exhaust Manifold (1994 and up) 104053 Volvo Small V8 Exhaust Riser (1994 and up) 104065 (stbd) OMC Small V8 Exhaust Manifold ( 1988 and before)
Link to EDP Coated Cast Iron Manifold/Riser Kits
104066 (port) OMC Small V8 Exhaust Manifold ( 1988 and before) 104044 OMC Small V8 Exhaust Riser ( 1988 and before) 104045 Mercruiser 3.0L Exhaust Riser (1995 and up) 104046 Mercruiser 2.5L, 3.0L & 470 Exhaust Riser (1982-1995)
Link to EDP Coated Cast Iron Manifold/Riser Kits

Externally Coated Aluminum Exhaust Products

*Compare prices* The competition is selling non-coated marine exhaust manifolds and riser kits at well over $600 for Mercruiser style small V8 replacements versus PPT's coated marine exhaust manifolds which also include the mounting gaskets and fasteners. Our Ceramic Coated Aluminum boat exhaust manifolds and risers are manufactured/cast using industry leading permanent mold technology while manufactured/cast using only the highest grade of castable aluminum normally used on the high performance OEM products.

Our Ceramic Coated Aluminum Mercruiser boat exhaust manifolds, risers and Mercruiser exhaust systems come standard with a ...3 year warranty... versus most OEM's 1 year warranty, and also come complete with all of the required gaskets, both manifold and riser, and come with all new mounting fasteners and plugs as well. Unlike most other competitors direct replacement exhaust manifolds and risers which come with only exterior primer paint, our products come with a specially developed EDP COATING not offered on any other competitive products. Our extensive background engineering products for one of the largest OEM's in the industry allowed us to gain a tremendous amount of experience which we now apply to our own products and product lines, and therefore offer at a fraction of the cost of the original equipment manufacturers costs. Select the following link to view several of the industry Awarded Patents we have been issued.

104035A Mercruiser Big Block ALUMINUM MANIFOLD (1984 - 2001) 104034A Mercruiser Small Block ALUMINUM MANIFOLD (1983 - 2003) 102994A Mercruiser 4" Riser Small & Big V8 ALUMINUM RISER (1983 - 2003) 102967A Mercruiser GM Small & Big Block V8 ALUMINUM SPACER (1983 - 2002)
Link to Ceramic Coated Aluminum Manifold/Riser Kits

In contrast if the lowest possible cost is the main driver of your purchasing decision and you do not need the additional life offered by the CERAMIC/POWDER coated Aluminum manifolds and risers, check out our non-coated but painted cast iron product offering which yields a 3 year warranty - Lower Cost Marine Exhaust Manifolds & Risers


Diesel Exhaust Manifolds & Stainless Steel Risers

V8 - GM 6.5L & 6.2L
11-1294 4" Outlet Stainless Steel Riser 11-1062 D-Port High-Flow Aluminum Manifold

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