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The difference between Automotive and Marine Engines

Feb 15th, 2012 by admin
Question: Is There Really Any Difference Between a Marine Engine vs. Automotive? Response: Contrary to what many people claim, there truly are several differences between the automotive and marine engines. These differences prevent automotive products from performing as well as the intended Marine Engine. Many people attempt to save money by utilizing an automotive engine rather than marine, however in our experience these situations rarely save money in the end. Be very careful with companies who claim to offer engines not being Marine Grade, but still being the same, or compliant, or some other fancy terminology. In the end the fact still remains that you get what you pay for.
  • The freeze plugs are of a corrosion inhibiting material.
  • The head gaskets also utilize corrosion resistant construction.
  • The valve guides utilize corrosion resistant construction.
  • The water pumps are intended for a marine operating environment (seals and bearings).
  • The camshaft is designed to marine duty requirements as needed to move a boat versus a car.
  • The overall duty cycle of a marine engine is very different than that of an automotive application. When was the last time your thought of running your car at full throttle for a sustained period of time?

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