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Mercruiser Vazer Engine Specifications

Feb 15th, 2012 by admin

Mercury Mercuiser Vazer Engine Specifications

 Mercruiser Vazer 100            
 Available Control Systems       DTS‑No        
 Propshaft power       75 kW (100 hp)      
 Displacement       1.6 L (98 cid)      
 Cylinder configuration       In‑line 4        
 Bore × stroke       79 mm × 81.5 mm (3.11 in. × 3.21 in.)  
 Compression ratio       9.6:1        
 Fuel system       MPI        
 Ignition system       ECM 555 digital      
 Alternator amperage    Hot Cold    72 A 65 A        
   WOT    5600–6000      
 RPM    Rev limiter    6150        
   Idle in neutral    600        
 Minimum oil pressure    At 2000 RPM At idle    360 kPa (52 psi) 127 kPa (18.5 psi)    
 Thermostat    Seawater‑cooled models    N/A        
    MPI models with closed cooling    82° C (180° F)      
 Timing       Non‑adjustable      
 Firing order       1‑3‑4‑2        
 Closed cooling       Standard        
 Water drain system       Self draining      
 Flush kit       N/A        
 50 A circuit breaker      Standard        
 Minimum battery rating    Non‑DTS models DTS models    375 CCA, 475 MCA, 90 Ah N/A    
 Optional riser kits       N/A        
 MerCathode       Kit        
 Drive options      Vazer        
   Engine    171 kg (377 lb)      
 Weight    Transom Drive    51.26 kg (113 lb) 37.65 kg (83 lb)    
   Total package    259.91 kg (573 lb)      

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