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Feb 15th, 2012 by admin

Marine Propellers

Marine Propellers and Mercruiser Props – PPT Is Your One Stop Shop For Boat Propellers

** Offering the option between Original Equipment, Direct Replacement, and High Performance OMC Sterndrive engines and Marine Engine Parts ** 

A unique low -copper alloy gives the ultra economical Aluminum line of Mercruiser props greater strength and corrosion resistance. As far as marine propellers go, investment casting instead of sand or die casting provides greater precision, uniform blade configuration and a smoother finish. Easy to maintain and repair, these boat propellers are also economical and make a great spare.

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Boat propellers seem to be a much overlooked item. However, when it comes to achieving the performance we all desire out of our boat, making sure we get that very last horsepower into the water is of the utmost importance. We will go through a brief explanation of what to look for with propellers.

Start Shopping Now - Marine Propeller Pricing and Specifications

Propeller Basics

3 Blades vs. 4 Blades
In general the 3 blade propeller offer more speed while the 4 blade offers better thrust and acceleration. Today with the engines producing even more torque, we are starting to see more of the 5 blade products. In general the higher number of blades on a propeller, the lower speed the boat will be able to stay on plane.

The diameter is the distance/circle that a propeller makes when rotating.

The pitch is the theoretical horizontal distance in inches that the propeller travels when rotated. For example a 23p propeller will travel 23 inches in one revolution (not factoring in slippage).

Is the angle the blades are tilted towards the rear when measured looking at the side of a propeller. This allows using a larger propeller (more blade area) within the same diameter. Positive rake generally benefits in acceleration and good bow lift.

Cupping is a means of simulating addition pitch by "bending" the trailing edges of the propellers to increase the "grip" of the propeller in the water. This feature reduces slippage and is usually used with larger, more powerful engines

Mercruiser™ Propellers

Mercury has a propeller for every application. From the economical Aluminum Black Max to the long proven Mirage series for Bravo sterndrives or to the latest Maximus 5 blade design for that torque monster your finding difficult to get hooked up with the water. If you don't see the specific Mercury Propeller your looking for, please don't hesitate to call us at (405) 533-3812 or send an email to sales@perfprotech.com.  

Model Material Blades List Price
Black Max Aluminum 3 Price
Vengeance Stainless 3 Price 
Mirage Plus Stainless 3 Price
Laser II Stainless 3 Price
High Five Stainless 5 Price
Revolution Stainless 4 Price
Bravo 1 Perf. Stainless 4 Price
Bravo II Stainless 3 Price
Bravo III Stainless 3 Price
Bravo II Aluminum 3 Price
Bravo II Stainless 4 Price
Offshore Perf. Stainless 4 Price
Alpha 4 Aluminum 4 Price


- For outboards and Alpha & Bravo sterndrives up
   to 250 horsepower with a top speed less than 50
- High quality die cast aluminum.
- R/H 6" - 25" pitch available.



- For V6 outboards and Alpha/Bravo sterndrives
- RH/LH rotation .
- Generally requires 1" less pitch than 3 blade designs. 



- For outboards over 150hp, especially offshore fishing, bay and sport boats .
- For V-8 single, dual Bravo One and TRS sterndrives.
- Designed to improve acceleration and top speed on large, high-horsepower boats .
- Available with 1 1/4 hub kit
- R/H and L/H rotation (13" - 29" pitch)
- PVS (Performance Vent System)



- For high-horsepower, high drive height outboards and sterndrives.
- Excellent speed and handling. Perfect for stepped hulls and cats .
- Available with 1 1/4 hub kit for Bravo XZ & XR
- R/H and L/H rotation (22" - 36" pitch)




- Twin counter-rotating stainless steel propellers
  20" - 30" pitch
- Perfect complement to the Bravo Three sterndrive
- Available in standard or light cup versions.

Solas™ Propellers

PPT handles a complete propeller lineup ranginf from 9 horsepower outboards to 500 horsepower inboards. Solas offers both Aluminum and Stainless design propellers. Call us at (866) 335-3396 and a trained technician will be glad to assist you in determining the correct product for your application, or send us an email at sales@perfprotech.com for complete product & pricing information.


Check out the NEW Solas "Lexor Series" Stainless propeller. These props are available in 17" - 27" pitch and made of the highest quality 24/10 stainless steel. Call today for more information (866) 335-3396.



The "Amita Series" propeller from Solas is a direct OEM replacement propeller available in either a 3 or 4 blade design. These propellers offer;
- Pressed rubber hub.
- Exclusive Solas Squeeze casting process.
- Wide blade design.
- Excellent for cruising or top speed.
- Outstanding acceleration.









Volvo Penta Propellers

Whether your looking for a single stainless steel propeller for your SX outdrive, or a set of the legendary duo prop propellers we handle all of them. Volvo Penta utilizes a custom identification system for their propellers. You can select the following link to download the Volvo Penta Propeller guide into a separate window, or feel free to contact us directly for assistance.
Volvo Propeller Guide




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