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Feb 15th, 2012 by admin

Topic: Boat Winterization

Question: What Is boat winterization? How do I winterize my boat or marine engines?

Boat Winterization

Response: True boat winterization entails much more than just draining the water from your marine engine or sterndrives. Boat Winterization includes refilling the engine with propylene glycol to inhibit corrosion, fogging the engine, draining the sterndrive, stabilizing the fuel system, etc. To make sure the sterndrive drains, Mercury recommends using a piece of wire to clear any unwanted debris from several different drain holes located on the sterndrive. These include the speedometer “pitot” tube, trim cavity vent hole, trim cavity drain, gear housing water drain, gear housing cavity vent, and the gear housing water drain holes.
One common item customers fail to associate with boat winterization are the associated aspects of the outdrive unit itself. The picture below illustrates a typical Alpha Generation 2 unit that was not drained before freezing temperatures set in. In this particular case the customer simply forgot to trim the drive to the downward position which allows the exhaust cavity of the drive to drain.

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Note: This picture is unique in the fact that normal freeze damage will occur parallel to the propshaft. It's possible in this case that freeze damage occurred, which then lead to ultimate and more visible mechanical failure.
Select this link to enter our library to see Step By Step WINTERIZATION instructions for a variety of different MARINE ENGINE MODELS.

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If you do not find the specific information you are looking for on this page you can go to our technical newsletter on Winterization which contains much more detailed information and specific procedures.

Please contact us today at (405) 533-3812 if we may assist you with your boat winterization needs.  We also provide support on boat winterization, boat winterizing, winterization, winterizing a boat, winterizing boats, winterize boat, winterize outboard, marine winterize, winterizing boat, how to winterize boat, winterize your boat, winterizing jet boats, outboard winterizing, winterizing your boat, how to winterize boats, winterizing outboard motor, how to winterize a boat, winterizing inboard boat motor instructions, winterize boats, inboard boat winterizing, winterize outboard motor.


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